Air14 Payerne Air Show – Switzerland

The Air14 Payerne Air Show, Switzerland, is the largest air show in the history of the country.

This year, 2014, will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Swiss Air Force, the 50 years of the Patrouille Suisse, and the 25 years of the PC-7 TEAM. The Super Puma Display Team is also present at the AIR14.

Thousands of spectators and fans of airplanes, helicopters and military vehicles parked on the ground, are flocking from all directions to Payerne airfield.
Exhibitions and information stands about aviation are also on the site of the meeting.
It is also expected to Payerne, the arrival of the Airbus A380.
Found in the ground presentation, static display, the Red Bull planes (Mitchell B-25, Lockheed P-38 Lightning, F-4 Corsair), but also a lot of other airplanes, such as Douglas DC-3 of Breitling, the Papyrus Hunter, Bleriot XI, Dewoitine D-26, Bücker 133, Falcon 900 EX of the Swiss Air Force, Pilatus P-3 and Pilatus P-2, Pilatus PC-7 and Pilatus NCPC-7, Helicopter S-70 Black Hawk, Super Puma and more.

More than 2,500 military and civilian volunteers on site, working on the air show, and keeping an eye on the safety of spectators as well.
A great honor for AIR14 and its director Ian Logan: The International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) has venerated the organizer of the event for the “best organized airshow of the year”.

Photos were taken during the day of Saturday, August 30, 2014, in the afternoon.
Presented that day:

AT-16, Duo Vampire, Belgian F-16 Solo Display, DC-3 / BE-18, Flying Bulls BO-105, C-3603.
PC-9M, SU-22 Formation, Patrouille de France, Flying Bulls P-38, Patrouille Suisse & SWISS A-330, Air Reconnaissance.

Tribute 100 Years military aviation (Paras, Porter, Blériot, Fokker VII, Morane C-3801, DH-115, F/A-18, Mirage III, Hunter, Tiger,Alouette 2 / 3, EC-635, Cougar, Bücker, Pilatus P-2 / P-3, PC-9, PC-21).
Patrulla Aguila, Swiss Hornet Display, Eurocopter Tigre, P-51 Mustang “Moonbeam”, Breitling Super Constellation, Breitling Jet Team, Super Puma Display.
MIG-29 Display Team, PC-7 TEAM, Wings of Storm, Jet Man.

Password to access the photos of the Payerne Air Show Air14 in Switzerland: f9a5bd