Athletics Meeting Of La Gruyere – Bulle 2014

The Athletics Meeting of la Gruyère in Bulle (Saturday, July 12, 2014), allowed men and women athletes to show their toughness and performance before a large audience.

Many people came at the Bouleyres Stadium of Bulle, and their reward was to enjoy three new records of the stadium.
- 100m Sprunger Lea COVA Nyon 11.34; 2.0m / s
- 200m Sprunger Lea COVA Nyon 23.22; 2.0m / s
- Swiss-4x100m Athletics (Mancini, Schenkel, Gugerli, Fongué) 39.57

A very good performance from each athlete before the European championship of athletics in Zurich, in August.

Meeting Athletisme Bulle