High In The Park – Roller Contest – Bulle 2014

The 19th edition of the Bulle Roller Contest (formerly know as High in the Park – International Roller Contest), a contest well known beyond the Swiss borders.

Participating riders had a great time at the Bouleyres skatepark of Bulle. The rain had abated, giving way to some sun rays on the contest, organized by the Stones Family (founded in 1995 in Bulle, by passionate roller riders, the association is now composed of skatepark sports lovers (scooter (scooter freestyle), skateboarding, rollerblading, BMX / bike).

The High In The Park – Roller Contest of Bulle, a three-star ranked at the WRS (World Rolling Series), has found its place over the years in the calendar of major roller international competitions.

The next coming event at the Bouleyres skatepark of Bulle, for the High In The Park series: The BMX / Bike contest.

Password to see the pictures: 307d53

High In The Park