Vintage Cars And Bikes – Estavayer Le Lac 2014

Vintage cars and bikes at the Swiss Side Party 2014 in Estavayer le Lac.

Swiss Side organized a vintage cars and motorcycles show near the beach of Estavayer le Lac, in Switzerland.
Facing the Neuchâtel Lake, many bikers and vintage cars lovers gather all together to enjoy the show.

Lots of colors, tattoos and leather to fit with the cars and bikes of this 4th edition of the Swiss Side Party (SSP).
Sun, food, drinks, music and live art were also part of the event. Even a steel workshop!

On the schedule by the Swiss Side Crew: cruising, slow race and best car and bike contest, to become the king of the day!

Here is the password to access the photos gallery of the Swiss Side Party 2014 – Vintage Cars And Bikes in Estavayer Le Lac: f6ec38